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What happens inside the State Capitol has significant impact on your practice as a psychiatrist and, indeed, on the delivery of mental healthcare throughout California. Understanding the process of managing legislation that promises (or threatens) our ability to serve all Californians can take years of experience and direct involvement - time that you, as resident's, often do not have.  


This password-protected Resident's Forum on CPA's website is dedicated to paving the way for your future involvement as advocates for sound mental health policy - a primer to help you become educated about policy and involved as advocates your careers progress. We know that your voices and input are critically important as we pursue the passage of beneficial legislation and oppose bills that restrict access to mental healthcare or threaten your practice of psychiatry. We need your input, want your involvement and anticipate your active participation as future drivers of mental health policies for our members and for all Californians. 

A Policy Primer

It's often said that creating legislation is a lot like making sausage. We want to make it easy for you, CPA's residents, to understand the fundamentals of creating public policy through legislation and also to digest the 'sausage' part, where something simple can become a melange of unexpected ingredients. This Policy Primer will take you through the process, explain some common language and give you a picture of what it's like to follow a piece of legislation from it's introduction to the final product. 


Every year CPA is involved with dozens of bills that affect your ability to deliver mental health care to patients in California. From access to parity and privacy, to scope of practice and beyond, CPA monitors, opposes, sponsors, initiates and supports legislation on behalf of our members. Here is a compendium of bills that have our attention this Legislative session and our adopted positions. You may be asked to participate as we pursue quality mental healthcare policies for Californians. 


Legislators need and want input from mental health professionals - particularly psychiatrists - as they consider legislation. The kind of expertise you, as resident psychiatrists can offer, is both welcomed and valued. In addition, the CPA encourages residents to become active as advocates in their local districts, educating elected officials and serving as qualified mental health experts. Learn the simple steps you can take now to become informed and effective advocates. One simple but important way to be an effective advocate for CPA is to sign up to be a KEY CONTACT!



CPA's Resident's forum is a place to share ideas, make comments, ask questions and get answers. CPA's Director of Government Relations, Randall Hagar, will respond to questions and clarify issues that come up. In addition, senior member psychiatrists will be invited to also contribute responses to your queries when appropriate and share their experiences as CPA members, seasoned professionals, and advocates. 

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