Statewide Impact on Mental Health Care Included With Your CPA Membership


California psychiatrists are very busy, in-demand medical professionals. So, it’s fair to ask why you should make time for membership in the California Psychiatric Association. Simply stated, an effective CPA will make your practice of medicine easier, more fair and reasonable, and increasingly efficient. And, the impact of your participation will have statewide - sometimes nationwide - impact. We make a difference in the people you care for.

The Challenge

Every day, psychiatrists labor under state laws and regulations that can impede your ability to deliver quality mental health care to patients. And every legislative year, another bill is introduced that can threaten the integrity of treatment, access and the quality of care. Without the input of CPA’s member doctors, uninformed and damaging policies will almost certainly complicate and limit your ability to practice medicine in California.

Consider for a moment just a few of the issues we’ve tackled with the help of our members – parity in access to mental health care, attempts to broaden scope of practice to allow non-physicians to prescribe powerful psychotropic medications, the attempt to qualify spurious treatments (such as ‘conversion therapy’ for sexual identity), lack of access to appropriate medicines for low income patients, and many other issues that threaten the practice of psychiatric medicine in California.

And, although the CPA focuses on critical and serious issues, we also offer our members a robust cohort of colleagues from throughout the state that makes membership intellectually stimulating and engaging. Our conferences, committees and task forces offer members an opportunity to share ideas and best practices – and to occasionally relax and enjoy each other’s company. We urge you to join CPA today. Become active, involved and impactful like the docs who’ve made CPA membership an essential part of their practice of medicine.

Nick and Amanda Wilcox receive a special CPA Presidential Commendation award for their relentless and effective support of Laura's Law, named after their 19-year-old daughter who was shot and killed on January 10, 2001 by a patient with severe mental illness who had been refusing treatment. The couple has thraveled throughout the state to testify in support of adoption and implementation, essentially founding a new movement for the families of the mentally ill.

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Doc to Doc



"We keep the roof up so you can practice medicine."

Ronald Thurston, MD, Camarillo, CA

Belonging to CPA gives me a way to advocate for my patients."

Barbara Yates, MD, San Mateo, CA


I belong to the CPA in order to have a voice on behalf of my patients and to support the profession of Psychiatry, the best hope of those with mental disorders to receive effective care.
Joe Mawhinney, MD, 
San Diego, CA


"CPA  is a congregation of psychiatrists ranging from trainee level to well experienced , dedicated and highly motivated professionals. As members we have an opportunity to put forth our individual experiences to propagate positive difference in the life of individuals, both the provider and the people we serve.

Ranjit Padhy, MD, Bakersfield, CA


"Active participation in organized psychiatry leads to improved patient care.  It's also fun to share ideas with colleagues throughout the State."
Robert M. McCarron, Sacramento, CA


"CPA has been a warm, welcoming place to learn about the issues that effect mental health care in our state and has also allowed me to connect with physician leaders who have become mentors and close friends."

Lawrence Malak, MD, San Diego, CA



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