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Migrant mental health crisis spirals in ICE detention facilities. MORE


In China, Mental Health Care Goes Virtual. MORE


Hispanics face growing mental health care crisis over language barriers. MORE


Suicide Risk Elevated After Psychiatric Hospital Stay. MORE


Comedy Central’s Clusterfest tackled mental health this year. MORE

Digital phenotyping has potential in psychiatry. MORE


What Mental Health Statistics Can Tell Us. MORE


Psychiatric experts decry use of restraints at boys school. MORE


Taraji Henson’s Mental Health Summit Is Sure to Make an Impact on Black America’s Quiet Crisis. MORE

"This is a mental-health crisis": NYPD officer dies in third suspected suicide in less than 10 days. MORE

Perspectives in Training | Psychiatric Times. MORE


The Unanswered Questions About Cannabis and Psychiatry - APA Congress. MORE


Sacramento Chef Feature in PBS Mental Health Story. MORE


Behavioral Health Cases Doubled Over Decade. MORE


Mediterranean diet may protect against depression symptoms. MORE

A mental health check-in: 14 questions to ask your child. MORE


Social Issues to Join Clinical Topics at APA Annual Meeting. MORE


Lead found in baby teeth of children who lived near California battery plant. MORE


Does living alone increase mental health risk? MORE

Depression Treatment on the Rise, but Not Enough. MORE


Alzheimer's: How light therapy could protect the brain. MORE


Latest tragedy proof New York needs better mental health laws. MORE


Alphabet's Google And Verily Develop AI For Health. MORE


Doctors face a dilemma when seeking mental health assistance for themselves. MORE

California's mental health system, explained. MORE


Debunking the Two Chemical Imbalance Myths, Again. MORE


Silicon Valley leaders tackle new solutions for homelessness crisis. HERE 


Study: Kids' suicides spiked after Netflix's '13 Reasons'. MORE


Race, Relationship Status Predict Antidepressant Nonadherence in Older Veterans. MORE 


Jail diversion program is praised, set to expand. MORE

Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia: Reasons for Clozapine Discontinuation. MORE


Supervisors support bill that could bring $14M to Solano. MORE


Firearm Injury Prevention
Resources for Health Care Providers - Cal Matters. MORE


Watchdogs Cite Lax Medical And Mental Health Treatment Of ICE Detainees. MORE

.A. Officials, and the Nation, Battle an Unrelenting Tide of Veteran Suicides. MORE


Why Getting Mental Health Care Can Be A Struggle For Refugees. MORE


Pre-treatment mental health assessment of trans people 'dehumanising' and 'unjustified'. MORE


Social Cognitive Deficits in Major Depressive Disorders. MORE 


Lethal Plans: When Seniors Turn To Suicide In Long-Term Care. MORE


Prince Harry and Oprah Working Together on Mental Health. MORE


How Does Disclosure of Hospital Religious Affiliation Affect Patient Care? MORE

Lyft has a new employee mental health program that doesn't include drivers. MORE


Air Pollution Linked to Increased Psychotic Experience Risk in Adolescents. MORE


'Toad Venom' Psychedelic May Rapidly Improve Depression, Anxiety. MORE


In Ontario, a battle for the soul of psychiatry. MORE


California Hospitals See Massive Surge In Homeless Patients. MORE

Mental health can impact memory decades later. MORE


No Clinically Relevant ADHD Risk With Prenatal Benzodiazepine, Z-Hypnotic Exposure. MORE 


DNA testing is being used to help prescribe antidepressants. MORE


Video of 2017 beating at Placer County jail released - person with schizophrenia . MORE


Study of 6 Million People With Mental Disorders Reveals a New Health Risk. MORE

Under-18s with mental health issues to be asked about their social media use. MORE


Can what we eat affect how we feel? MORE


She was dancing on the roof and talking gibberish. A special kind of ER helped her. MORE


Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Shows Promise for Treatment-Resistant Depression. MORE


Mental Illness Cleaned Out My Bank Account And Destroyed My Credit. MORE


$1 Billion for Mental Health: The Reality of de Blasio’s ‘Revolutionary’ Plan. MORE

High Potency Cannabis Tied to 50% of New Psychosis Cases. MORE


New Jersey court weighs whether non-patient can sue physician. MORE


Elements Of An Effective Workplace Mental Health Strategy. MORE


Online mental health resources for teens. MORE


A lost girl's diary: The hidden anguish of Alexandra Valoras. MORE


More U.S. youth seeking help during psychiatric emergencies. MORE

Mental Illness Isn’t All in Your Head. MORE


Insurers still don’t treat mental illness like other medical conditions. MORE


Schizophrenia Linked With Common Viral Infections. MORE


For families across California, a desperate struggle to get mental health care. MORE


Effects of Music on Symptoms of Schizophrenia. MORE 


Hard truths about deinstitutionalization, then and now. MORE 


Mental Health Treatment Denied to Customers by Giant Insurer’s Policies, Judge Rules. MORE


SSRIs May Be Most Effective in Reducing Pediatric Anxiety Disorders. MORE 

Children Separated From Families at Border Could Suffer Long-Term MH Consequences, Says APA President. MORE

Failures found at facilities holding migrants. MORE


Expert Perspective: Treating Insomnia in Patients With Schizophrenia. MORE


Family files suit over fatal jail overdose. MORE


To Reduce Chronic Homelessness, A Chicago Hospital Is Treating It As A Medical Condition. MORE

A dream-killing study: Weekend “catch-up sleep” is a lie. MORE


How Mental Health Care for the Aging Is Falling Short . MORE


Campus  Check-In: Mental Health Treatment Expands to Apps. MORE

Long-Term Health-Promoting Interventions Improve Cardiovascular Risk in Schizophrenia. MORE


Positive Well-Being May Protect Against Depression in Adults With Autism . MORE

Kaiser Permanente’s New Medical School Will Waive Tuition for Its First 5 Classes . MORE


Psychiatry on Death Row: Interviews From the Inside. MORE


The Changing Face of Psychiatry in the Age of Climate Change. MORE


Prison is menacing for detainees and guards alike. MORE

Nearly 1 in 7 US kids has a mental health condition, and half go untreated, study says. MORE


Increasingly, California's default mental institutions are jails and prisons. MORE

Good Treatment For Mental Illness Still Scarce In U.S. Prisons. MORE


Hallucinations Kidnap The Senses In 'The Collected Schizophrenias'. MORE


How Oregon Police Became First Responders To Mental Health Crises. MORE


Use of Psychodrama With Adolescents. MORE


The future of psychiatry promises to be digital. MORE

Insufficient evidence that antidepressants affect fertility or infertility-treatment outcome. MORE

Pharmacogenomic testing might aid antidepressant treatment, researchers say. MORE

Cognitive Performance in First-Degree Relatives of Individuals With vs Without Major Depressive Disorder: A Meta-analysis. MORE


Polygenic Risk Scores in Clinical Schizophrenia Research. MORE


Minimal effect by MJ on cognitive functioning in adolescence and adulthood. MORE


Disrupted networks link overlapping cognitive deficits in psychiatric disorders. MORE


Association of Antipsychotic Treatment With Risk of Unexpected Death Among Children and Youths. MORE

Scientists Discover a Neural Link Between Depression and Insomnia. MORE

Five Trends in Historical Research on Psychiatry and Mental Health. MORE


A Nationwide Study in Denmark of the Association Between Treated Infections and the Subsequent Risk of Treated Mental Disorders in Children and Adolescents. MORE


Mental health care is not going to those who need it, study finds. MORE


Psychiatry’s Ancient Origins | Psychiatric Times. MORE


Exposure to Trauma Raises Risk of Psychotic Experiences by Age 18, Study Suggests. MORE

Cancer diagnosis tied to increased suicide risk. MORE


Mini Quiz: Integrative Psychiatry | Psychiatric Times. MORE


Mental health coverage limits in self-insured plans hang on judge's ruling. MORE

When Will We Solve Mental Illness? - The New York Times. MORE


Sleep medicine training beneficial for psychiatrists. MORE


The global burden of disease attributable to alcohol and drug use in 195 countries and territories. MORE


Netflix's '13 Reasons Why' Linked to Raised Suicide Risk in Study. MORE

When Mental-Health Experts, Not Police, Are the First Responders - WSJ. MORE

New data to support much needed policy change - The Lancet Psychiatry. MORE

Unraveling the neural code of the anxious brain. MORE


Vietnam, 50 Years Later: Remembering Those Who Served . MORE


Alzheimer's may be treated with diabetes drugs. MORE


2 inmates dead in likely suicides at San Quentin. MORE


Prevalence of Distress Associated With Difficulty Controlling Sexual Urges, Feelings, and Behaviors in the United States. MORE


Dr McCance-Katz  writes about  SAMHSA Priorities, Psychiatric Services. MORE


Tobacco Product Use Among Adults — United States, 2017. MORE

Report rips California prison psychiatric care, cites case of inmate who ate her eyeball​ . MORE

Screening for Intimate Partner Violence, Elder Abuse, and Abuse of Vulnerable Adults. MORE


Mental health diagnoses among US children, youth continue to rise at alarming rate. MORE


Rutgers professor prescribes a dose of horror for his med students. MORE


Facing an overdose epidemic, some ERs now offer addiction treatment . MORE


Self-harm in a primary care cohort of older people: incidence, clinical management, and risk of suicide and other causes of death. MORE


Minocycline as a treatment for schizophrenia: is the discussion truly finished? MORE

Person-specific factors tied to psychotic-like reactions in frequent cannabis users. MORE

We need to find a better place to treat mental health emergencies. MORE

World Mental Health Day 2018: India 'Bleeds Psychiatrically'. MORE


'SNL' star Pete Davidson says, 'There's no shame in the medicine game'.MORE


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: New Directions. MORE


Exploring the brain networks behind our free will. MORE


Opioid overdoses, depression linked. MORE


APA Praises Congressional Passage of Opioid Treatment and Prevention Package. MORE

Association of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault With Midlife Women’s Health. MORE


Daily Drinking Is Associated with Increased Mortality. MORE


ER MD's report increased workplace violence. MORE


Massive survey finds 1 in 3 college freshmen struggle with mental health. MORE

Opinion: Another case of vanishing Latino children. MORE


A bone-marrow transplant treated a patient’s leukemia — and his delusions, too. Some doctors think they know why. MORE 


Brave words: a photographic project is helping people with mental health issues express how they truly feel. MORE


Age of Alcohol Initiation Related to Psychiatric Symptoms for Girls. MORE

Nonconforming Gender Expression and Associated Mental Distress and Substance Use Among High School Students. MORE

Over past 20 years, the percentage of children with ADHD nearly doubles. MORE

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: Emergency Psychiatry’s Era of Innovation. MORE

Anxiety, depression tied to higher risk of heart attack, stroke. MORE


Global Mortality From Firearms, 1990-2016. MORE

Youth Advocates Eye 2020 for Revolution on Children’s Mental Health in California. MORE

How Retail Mental Health Could Be Medicine's Next Frontier. MORE


First Biomarker Evidence Autism Is Linked to DDT. MORE


California looks to tighten law that allows suspects to get mental health treatment and have their charges dismissed. MORE


Back-to-back losses
two former UCLA basketball players committed suicide in two days last month. MORE


Risk of Suicide Increases After TBI, Study Finds. MORE

US juveniles with conduct problems face high risk of premature death. MORE


Digital Health and the Rise of Mental-Health Apps. New research warns that self-diagnosing apps are unreliable and may over-treat. MORE


The Lancet Psychiatry: ADHD medications: Of all available drugs, methylphenidate should be first option for short-term treatment in children.  MORE


Police killings and their spillover effects on the mental health of black Americans: a population-based, quasi-experimental study. MORE

Opioid Prescribing Found to Drop After Physicians Notified of Patient Death From Overdose. MORE

FDA will broaden how it evaluates new addiction treatment drugs. MORE

Thyroid May Hold the Cognitive Key. MORE


Bipolar Disorder Knowledge Scale Shows Internal Consistency and Reliability. MORE


Exercise Is Good For Your Mental Health—But Only To A Point. MORE


Risk of Agranulocytosis for Patients on Clozapine May Be Overstated, Study Shows. MORE


Pot smoking by parents tied to risk of psychotic episodes in kids. MORE


How Should the Media Cover Suicides? A New Study Has Some Answers. MORE


Trump administration must stop giving psychotropic drugs to migrant children without consent, judge rules. MORE


Molecule deficiency may help diagnose severe depression. MORE


Associations between parental mental health and other family factors and healthcare utilisation among children and young people. MORE


'More potent' Alzheimer's therapy is on its way. MORE


A Migrant Boy Rejoins His Mother, but He’s Not the Same. MORE


Houston’s biggest jail wants to shed its reputation as a mental health treatment center. MORE


Healing the stigma of mental health care. MORE



How to Have a Better Conversation About Mental Illness. MORE


Pros and Cons of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder. MORE


Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Appears No Better Than Sham in Veterans With Depression. MORE


The Silent Suffering of Those on Temporary Protected Status. MORE


Common Psychiatric Disorders Share Genetic Underpinnings. MORE


Why This Man Crusades For Mental Health After Nearly 30 Years In Prison. MORE



Who Diagnoses and Treats Epilepsy in Patients With Psychiatric Symptoms? MORE


There's a severe shortage of mental health professionals in rural areas. MORE




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