Key Contacts - CPA's Statewide Action Network


Members who serve as Key Contacts are the policy ambassadors of the CPA. Key Contacts reach out to their legislators regarding bills and policies that impact the quality of mental health care in California. The strength of our voices can be powerful – but only if our members respond expeditiously and in sufficient numbers when called upon for support. In addition, it’s critical that Key Contacts have a grasp of the issues on the table – through this website and regular updates from our Legislative Director, we make certain our members are informed and articulate about relevant issues.

Time Constraints?

Being a Key Contact does not require a significant time commitment. Members participate as little or as much as available time allows, and can easily keep up with issues as they arise.


What do Key Contacts Do?

  • Write or make phone calls to state legislators about bills or budget items

  • Meet with legislators in their district offices (usually you will have allies with you)

  • Work on a local campaign

  • Participate in campaign events and legislative fundraisers

  •  Host a fundraiser for key legislators

  •  Author a newspaper opinion piece or letter to the editor, meet with editorial boards

  • Develop expertise in California mental health policy


Key Contact Alerts

We send you Key Contact Alerts by email, text message or FAX, whichever is most convenient for each individual. These Alerts request urgent action from you on matters of important CPA policy. Key Contacts are provided with sufficient information to take the requested action. Communication with legislative offices is usually fast and efficient, requiring little investment of your time but potentially having the desired impact - to make CPA’s position and concerns clear to policy makers throughout the state.




Importance of Key Contacts

Being a Key Contact is an important and irreplaceable part of our overall legislative advocacy efforts. CPA is an influential and acknowledged force for good public policy in our state’s Capitol. This has been achieved through the hard work and dedication of the combined efforts of your CPA Government Affairs staff, and CPA Key Contacts. Active participation of Key Contacts allows organized psychiatry to exert influence on good and bad legislation, good and bad budget issues, and good and bad regulatory issues on behalf of the patients and the profession of psychiatry.

Know Your Legislator 

The First Step - If you do not know who your legislators are, please contact the CPA Office at 800-772-4271. You may also find out by simply CLICKING HERE.


We Make it Easy

We provide materials to assist in effective letter writing, making appointments with legislators, writing letters to the editor or op-ed pieces, crafting scripts and talking points for meetings and whatever you need to effectively communicate.

 Impact mental health policy today! Become a Key Contact HERE

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