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Week of  3/19/20

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NOTICE: CPA is dissolving and will go dark on December 31, 2020.  The CPA website is up for informational purposes only.  Please refer to your District Branches for further information.

The California Psychiatric Association (CPA) is a statewide non-profit organization whose member psychiatrists are medical doctors specializing in comprehensive care of individuals with mental and emotional disorders that stem from biological and psychosocial causes.


The CPA was founded in 1961 and is responsible for carrying out legislative, regulatory, judicial, and educational advocacy, and public affairs activities on behalf of organized psychiatry in California.


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CPA & California's Mental Health Physicians

The California Psychiatric Association issues policy statements about legislation and other changes to state and national government that affect the delivery of mental health care. See our focus for 2019 and join our effort to impact mental health care in California.

Latest CPA Policy Updates: 

PRMS publishes legal analysis of physician risk in prescribing marijuana. READ HERE.

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