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Political Action Committee Fuels Advocacy


Fellow CPA Members,


The CPA Political Action Committee (PAC) is a vital part of the advocacy efforts of our organization and profession in beautiful California and this is your chance to give and be a part of that effort. Any contribution you can make helps our efforts to help support your patients and your practice by giving to the PAC.


Your continued support allows us to have a strong collective voice to promote sensible decisions on issues that affect both our patients and mental health care. Giving any amount is important as it helps to add numbers to our collective voice and strength to our PAC.


This is an exciting time for health care and psychiatry. Many issues lie ahead of us from the enforcement of mental health care parity, scope of practice issues and the potential expansion of assisted outpatient commitment. Without the ability to educate and inform those who are making the decisions, we allow others to decide how care is delivered. By giving to your PAC, you ensure psychiatry has an active role in helping to shape the future of our field.


Advocacy also happens locally with representatives from your districts. Making connections with your local legislator can open the door for a personal relationship in which you become the expert on both local and state level issues that arise. Making these connections can start with a simple phone call or email to your legislator's office.


You can also sign up to be a Key Contact for the CPA. As a Key Contact, you will be contacted as issues arise in the legislature so that you can let your representative know your thoughts on a particular topic. This is a great way to stay informed and involved.


Thank you again for your support and remember anything you can give helps our group advocate for you to be able to provide the best care for your patients.




George Fouras, MD, CPA Treasurer

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