From Membership to Statewide Policy

Professional, Dedicated Staff in Sacramento Manage CPA


Executive Director

Lila Schmall

Lila Schmall has been working for the California Psychiatric Association since 1995. Over the years she assumed increasing responsibilities and was named Executive Director in 2015.

  She comes to the leadership position from a diverse background that includes serving as executive director for the Central California Psychiatric Society, the California Academy for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, as CPA’s PAC coordinator since 2001 and as the CPA Associate Executive Director since 2007.

Lila is charged with financial management, planning, office management, external communications with CPA organizational allies and other responsibilities that maintain the high quality and expectations of CPA members. She considers CPA as her professional home and focuses her daily efforts on sustaining and growing the organization for future generations of California mental health physicians.  

Her previous background included business management where she honed her skills in contract management – a talent that has served the CPA well in statewide association contractual negotiations. In addition, Lila embraces the strong work ethic of an immigrant family who built a successful Sacramento business which she managed for 12 years.

Now, as CPA executive director she feels grateful for the opportunity to support the work of member physicians and the mission of the organization – to create and maintain sound mental health policy for the people of California. Lila anticipates a positive and productive future with CPA.


Director of Government Affairs

Randall Hagar

As Director of Government Affairs, Randall Hagar is the lead legislative advocate for the CPA. He comes to the position from serving as California NAMI legislative director,family education trainer and board member prior to joining the CPA in 2003.

Early in his career with CPA, Randall developed an effective campaign to engage and activate member psychiatrists throughout the state, and launched a targeted program of media outreach. Today, the input of the CPA and member physicians is sought after by news organizations around the world. He continues his focus on education and communication to advance the agenda of organized psychiatry in California.

 As a legislative advocate Randall played a significant role in securing passage for California's Mental Health Insurance Parity legislation; co-drafted Laura's Law, and helped write and secure passage of AB 1424 which mandates consideration of family input and medical history in all involuntary commitment proceedings.  Randall also drafted and advocated for CPA sponsored legislation on Laura’s Law, parity enforcement, and played a central role in the development of a Physician Health Plan bill promoted by a coalition of medical societies and hospitals. On behalf of the CPA, he develops working relationships with state policy makers and allied professional organizations.


He is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, and now serves on numerous nonprofit boards and commissions to further support his work with CPA.


Assisting CCPA leadership staff is Vanessa Smith who serves in several support roles such as event planning, member outreach and management. Julie Morris provides administrative assistance as part of the CPA team in Sacramento.

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