CPA  Area 6 Candidate statements 2016

Please Vote In the Upcoming APA and CPA Elections!

Enclosed in this newsletter issue are the candidates nominated for Area 6 Board of Trustee Representative.  The next issue will feature CPA President-elect and CPA Treasurer candidates. Each of the individuals nominated are highly qualified for their sought-after positions. However, as you read their statements, you will notice that each candidate has a different vision for the future of the APA and CPA. Talking to members from district branches around the state, it becomes clear that there are a variety of opinions about many issues that will shape the future of psychiatry. There are also diverse perspectives about what APA and CPA should focus upon, and how each can best operate. The only way that your perspective can be heard is by voting. Historically only about 20% of members vote, which means the vast majority of members never exercise their chance to influence the future of our organizations.

I urge you to read each candidate's statement to see who best describes your vision for the future of APA and CPA. If you have additional questions, all of the candidates are very approachable and would be happy to discuss their views further. In 2016, you will receive emails from APA providing a link to vote for Area 6 Board of Trustee Representative as well as other national APA positions. Shortly thereafter, you will receive emails from CPA with a link to vote for CPA President-elect and CPA Treasurer. Please vote in each election and make sure your voice is heard. Together, we will help shape the future of organized psychiatry!

Thank you!

Brenda Jensen, MD

Chair of CPA Nominating Committee




Dear CPA Members,

The CPA Election Results have returned. Please join me in congratulating our next CPA President-Elect, Dr. Robert McCarron, and our next CPA Treasurer, Dr. Mary Ann Schaepper. The voting turn-out was approximately 15% of eligible voters. I am very appreciative of all the candidates who ran for a CPA office and look forward to contributions from everyone moving forward. The future of CPA is bright. Sincerely, Brenda Jensen,

MD,Chair of CPA Nominating Committee




The Area 6 Representative from the CPA to the APA sits on the APA Board of Trustees. This governing body charts the course of advocacy for all psychiatrists in the United States. Your vote ensures quality representation of California psychiatrists. Make the time to consider the candidates statements and vote! Polls open in JanuaryMembers will be contacted via email and through the CPA Website 

APA Area 6 Trustee

Melinda Young, MD

Candidate for APA Area 6 Trustee



Knowing what members need     Knowing how to get it done.

I know what members need from membership in the American Psychiatric Association; when necessary, I effectively challenge the system; I can get it done.... READ MORE




Robert P. Cabaj, MD

Candidate for APA Area 6 Trustee

What a diverse and exciting group of psychiatrists we are here in California—from all types of backgrounds and practices. I have the honor of being nominated for Area 6 Trustee and believe I can speak directly and forcefully for all of us. READ MORE

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