Advocacy and Litigation Fund

Effective Outreach, Education and Legal Efficacy



The  Advocacy and Litigation Fund (ALF) is a special fund that provides for financial support of projects involving legislation, litigation, and advocacy.  ALF funded projects are approved by the CPA Council. Examples of such projects are the filing of amicus briefs to appellate courts on a wide variety of issues, including supporting the privacy of psychiatric records in cases that threaten to improperly disclose that information; assuring that health plans provide parity in access to mental health insurance benefits relative to other health conditions; and, other important subjects. Other examples of projects whose costs are underwritten by the ALF are education and media campaigns necessary when non-medically trained health practitioners introduce legislation proposing to expand their roles into the practice of medicine.


As a practicing physicians our members know how important it is that our voices be heard and that the CPA has the ability participate in the policy arena - from advocacy to legal interventions - and that our efforts on behalf of the public we serve are impactful. The generosity of CPA members who donate to the ALF is a powerful tool in our continued success.



Advocacy & Litigation Fund



Donate to help CPA protect patient safety through legal and advocacy efforts.



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