Advocacy and Participation is Central to Reaching CPA Goals


CPA's professional staff monitor the daily business of the State Legislature, coordinate all legislative initiatives and advocate on CPA's behalf directly with legislators and aligned organizations.  Our voluntary Government Affairs Committee provides psychiatric expertise on various bills and prioritizes our objectives.  In this way, the CPA remains at the center of activity as policies affecting the delivery of mental health care in California evolves.


The Advocacy and Litigation Fund

A non tax-deductible fund provides the resources necessary to educate legislators and to provide enhanced lobbying and public affairs efforts in managing high priority legislation or legal issues such as psychologists’ efforts to practice medicine and other bills that may negatively impact the delivery of mental health care in our state. With term limits there is continual turnover in the Legislature, and helping to educated lawmakers and key staff is critical to CPA's mission. Donations to this fund are entirely voluntary.

California Psychiatric Political Action Committee

Our political action committee is a separate organization, as required by law, and directly contributes to the campaigns of legislators qualified to serve Californians well.  To be considered for a CPPAC donation, a legislator must care about the mental health of Californians, and support access to, and improvement of the quality of psychiatric care. We interview candidates and contribute to individuals who share our goals in both the primary and general election. 

Key Contact Connection

Members who support the CPA as Key Contacts play a central role in media, governmental and community relations. Key contacts are the public face of psychiatry in California. As a "media doc," a Key Contact forms important relationships with local media, providing opportunities to present accurate information to the public and to impact public opinion. In addition, our Key Contacts interact with local elected officials and their state legislators, building relationships that help CPA reach policy and legislative goals.


The CPA is fueled by the active participation of members and through the funds we've outlined above. Please consider how you can contribute to the mission and goals of the CPA. And, as you commit yourself to active membership, kindly invite your colleagues to join you in making California a national role model for sound mental health policy.

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