In 2014, CPA President Dr. Tim Murphy presented Nick and Amanda Wilcox with a CPA Presidential Commendation for their ardent and continuing advocacy efforts for the adoption of Laura's Law, named for their daughter Laura who was killed by a delusional man who refused mental health treatment.

5150 Legislation, Laura's Law


The adoption amd implementation of Laura's Law has been a focus of the CPA for many years. In 2015 a number of related major milestones were achieved. Among them was the clarification of 5150 legislation that was signed by Gov. Brown. On this page you will find links to documents that detail AB1194, carried by Assembly Member Susan Eggman.


The participation of CPA Key Contacts and members is essential to achieving our goal of statewide adoption of Laura's Law. Providing input and clarifying facts about this important part of good California mental health policy is happening an a local level where CPA members can provide individual expertise. 


In our advocacy efforts we have observed that many policy makers and community organizations do not fully understand the content, goals and facts about 5150 clarifications or Laura's Law. Our members can dispell misunderstandings as medical professionals immersed in the delivery of quality mental health care.


The importance of medical and policy expertise was clearly demonstrated when Gov Brown signed AB1194. CPA members and advisors were major contributors to this important piece of legislation.



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