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Current News

Week of  10/14/19

Need Someone to Talk to? California Launches Mental Health Hotline for Calls or Instant Messaging. MORE


Mixed messages on mental illness shift U.S. views. MORE


Mental health issues cause record numbers of Gen X, Z to leave jobs. MORE


Mental Health Problems Need To Be Destigmatized In The Workplace—Here’s How To Do It. MORE


Republicans make mental health a platform issue as Trump calls for more institutions. MORE


How Mental Health Clinicians Can Help Prevent School Violence. MORE


Free to check in, but not to leave: Patients seeking mental-health treatment in Washington have been held against their will. MORE


The fight behind SF’s 31 unused mental health beds: ‘This is not something you play politics with’. MORE


Nearly Half of Patients Do Not Disclose Imminent Threats to Physicians. MORE

CPA & California's Mental Health Physicians

Sound Mental Health Policy, Advocacy, Education and Outreach

The California Psychiatric Association (CPA) is a statewide non-profit organization whose member psychiatrists are medical doctors specializing in comprehensive care of individuals with mental and emotional disorders that stem from biological and psychosocial causes.


The CPA was founded in 1961 and is responsible for carrying out legislative, regulatory, judicial, and educational advocacy, and public affairs activities on behalf of organized psychiatry in California.


Read more about the CPA .....

The California Psychiatric Association issues policy statements about legislation and other changes to state and national government that affect the delivery of mental health care. See our focus for 2019 and join our effort to impact mental health care in California.

Latest CPA Policy Updates: 


A resource for

Mental Health Professionals & Employers seeking qualified candidates for opportunities 


PRMS publishes legal analysis of physician risk in prescribing marijuana. READ HERE.

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